October 1, 2023

Halloween is home to hand-made costumes, continuously ringing doorbells, the sound of “TRICK-OR-TREAT†outside every home, and spooky music and decorations. Having been a tradition in the United States for more than a century, Halloween brings out a bit of childish excitement in all of us. 

When living in a townhome, it can often be a challenge to successfully pull-off a Halloween your children would be proud of. But, when you live in a Vastland community, Halloween can be the ultimate occasion. Let’s take a look at how you can make your Halloween season memorable for both yourself and your children.


There’s one thing about Halloween that matters most to the children—candy. No one wants to be known on the 31st as the house that gives out undesirable treats or the one who runs out of candy before the night is through. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be you. Want to be the talk of your community on Halloween? We’ve got you covered.


When it comes to the amount of candy you should purchase, we suggest estimating the number of kids in your townhome community and multiplying that by two. There should never be stress for kids about having too much candy—we all used to know, or were, those children who grabbed more than one piece when trick-or-treating. 

From sweet and savory to unique and personable, we have a few helpful tricks when it comes to making trick-or-treating at your house, a memorable experience. Purchasing candy shouldn’t be overwhelming, which is why variety packs exist. These are particularly helpful for those children who tend to be picky about their selections. Additionally, purchasing extra large candy bars will give you bonus points with the kids in your community.


Do you often feel bad for the parents who have to endure a long night of screaming, costume malfunctions, and unpredictable weather conditions? There’s a way to make their night a little bit better. If you’re feeling up to the challenge of going above and beyond, try making Jell-O and/or pudding shots or have a little “spiked cider†station for the adults to feel like they’re trick-or-treating right along with their children.


Having a smaller space to work with in a townhome can make decorating for the spooky season challenging. When you add decorations to an already cramped space, it can make your living space seem even smaller. Thankfully, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to help make your townhome the talk of the community without feeling small.


For those that enjoy the month of scary and creepy but aren’t big on decorating, there’s an easy way to make your townhome feel a bit more seasonal. While you can bring pumpkins and bats and ghosts into your decorating, you can also bring in themed floral bouquets. Whether you choose to put them atop your mantle or on the dining table, harvest-season decor can help your townhome feel like fall has finally arrived without the cliché Halloween decorations.


Depending on your living situation, your townhome may not be suitable for an abundance of Halloween decorations. Whether you have small children running around or a few pets who may knock things over in the night, we understand not everyone’s home is season decor friendly. 

Thankfully, your balcony or porch offers plenty of space to celebrate the spooky season.Consider incorporating hay bales, corn stalks, and pumpkins on your balcony or porch you’re able to feel the seasonal atmosphere without intruding on your in-home decor.


Setting the mood is one of the main atmospheric elements in regards to Halloween. This is easy to do and won’t place a strain on your budget. By placing orange, black, or dark purple candles around your home on decorative holders and incorporating some simple cobwebs you can find at the dollar store, your home can quickly go from typical fall to spooky fall vibes.


At Vastland Communities, we design and build elegantly crafted townhomes and single-family communities for our residents to enjoy. From Halloween celebrations to trick-or-treating mayhem, this spooky season, take your townhome to the next level.

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