December 1, 2023

As a resident of Vastland Communities, you’ll enjoy the roominess of a spacious floor plan and high ceilings every day. But during the holiday season, decking the halls can leave your home feeling chaotic and cluttered. And when decorations are stored for 11 months out of the year, they can end up taking away convenient storage space for other items you may use on a more regular basis. 

This year, avoid the mess and forget about storing boxes of items that see barely any use. Create a festive environment without crowding your living spaces using these easy tips in your townhome. 


While a large tree trimmed with bright lights, ornaments, and tinsel might scream Christmas, there are plenty of other decorating options that will fill your home with holiday spirit. Here are some of our favorite festive ways to garnish your living space, inside and out: 


Our first tip is to put a wreath on your front door! This decoration won’t take up any valuable floor space, but it will surely brighten the front of your home with a splash of color. Some wreaths are neutral enough to be used as table centerpieces year-round (which takes the problem of storage off your hands), but you can always spice it up with a beautiful ribbon to make it festive for hanging on your door. 

Reusable wreaths are also easy to store on a closet shelf or in a narrow, flat space where larger items won’t fit, and a natural wreath is biodegradable which means you can toss it at the end of the season without damaging the environment. Either way, a lovely evergreen wreath is sure to add to your holiday spirit whenever you leave in the mornings and return home in the evenings. 


Small window wreaths, non-adhesive stickers, and fireproof light-up decorations can be a fantastic way to make your home merry. These decorations are small, colorful, eye-catching, and can easily be stored once they’ve successfully brought cheer. 

With the help of the internet and crafty local sellers, it’s easier than ever to find these kinds of items in styles that match your personal decor. Some temporary stickers can even make it look like there’s frost or snow on your window sill! With a variety of options to choose from and just a little bit of effort, you could have a window display to rival the department store windows of the 60’s. 


A beautiful garland adds a classic touch to your interior holiday decorations. Whether you hang it over a door frame, windows, or mirror, it’s a classy accent to any home, and it’s a great way to add some life and color to your space. You can even use a garland to expertly decorate your staircase—just make sure it doesn’t get in the way of using your banister as a safety feature. 

A garland doesn’t take up much extra space while it’s out, and at the end of the season, it can easily be coiled up and stored in a closet or with other holiday decorations—for example, in the center of your wreath! 


Speaking of staircase decorations, a string of lights can be the perfect way to brighten any home for the holidays! Lights are a beautiful and traditional way to add some Christmas ambiance to your living space. Create extra light and warmth by hanging them up around a mirror to accent more of the room with gentle light reflection. 

Lights are a fantastic way to make a big impact and a strand of twinkling white or colored lights goes a long way in really making it feel like it’s the holidays. Make sure you use a string of lights that are marked for indoor, not outdoor use for safety purposes. And just like a garland, one or two strings of lights can easily be coiled up and put in a closet or tucked away with a few other small decorations. 


A holiday-themed blanket is a functional and beautiful accent decoration for any room. Guests and loved ones can stay cozy and have a hands-on way to enjoy the Christmas cheer in your home. And you can add to the festive spirit with some matching slip-covers for your throw pillows. Just put them on at the beginning of the holiday season when you bring your other decorations out. 

As decorations with a purpose, they won’t feel like they’re taking up an unnecessary amount of space. And they’re easy to roll up or fold and tuck away with your other linens once January rolls around (or February, if you really want to make the season last). Best of all, you can uniquely match these to your current interior decorations without disrupting the style or feel of the room at all.


Make this holiday season easier with simple but vibrant decorations. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful decorations you can find in nearby small businesses from local sellers. And don’t forget the impact of tabletop bowls of winter food and candy, which have been bringing the holiday spirit to Tennesseeans for well over 100 years. 

We love to see our communities lit up with holiday cheer—from Christmas lights in windows to festively lit walkways. Holiday decorations are a beautiful way to spread merriment and connect with one another, even for a passing moment during the busy holiday season. And it’s a sense of connection that lasts all year long, because with Vastland townhomes, you aren’t just finding a place to live, you’re joining a Vastland Community. 


Vastland Community is proud to provide beautiful townhomes to our residents in wonderful, reliable neighborhoods. We’ve been helping people enjoy high-quality, affordable living since 1995 and we’re proud to continue this tradition to build warm, welcoming communities. With no-maintenance, move-in-ready homes, residents can make the most of every day without any worries. Make the move to our exceptional townhome community this new year—contact us today to learn more.